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An autonomous portal on economy and finance, and also one of the biggest financial portals in Poland. The portal is designed for the businessmen, executives, specialists, directors, private investors, and for anyone who wants to expand the knowledge concerning investing of capital.

  • Inwestycje.pl portal is one of the biggest and the most preferably read Polish informational service on finance. According to Megapanel PBI/Gemius survey, considering the biggest horizontal portals, Inwestycje.pl took the 10 th place in business, law, finance segments, and the very high 5 th position in strictly financial sector.

  • T he service users are the top executives, directors, owners of the companies, and private investors.

  • The portal is divided into 8 basic sections including: traditional investments, alternative investments, personal finance, company finance, business, economy, style, and financial passage providing information about: bank accounts, pension funds, investment funds, debt collection, loans etc.

  • Each section is further divided into 6 to 10 categories which together give over 70 sources of information. Inwestycje.pl provides rich source of information for investment and capital market in Poland and the World.

  • Abundance of information is proven by number of data, press articles, comments, and analyses, even up to 150 publications every day which gives about 4500 published materials each month.

TOP 5 most popular sections of Inwestycje.pl:

Warsaw Stock Exchange - WSE, Currency (FOREX), Real property, Economy, Business

Stock Exchange (WSE) section is divided into categories containing everyday comments on stock exchange, companies analyses, brokerage firms recommendation, foreign stock exchange information, and communicates of the Polish Press Agency. This section also includes useful tools such as: the current ratings and list of all companies in Warsaw Stock Exchange and New Connect, and glossary concerning stock exchange and investment

Currency section provides everyday currency comments, analysts forecasts, brokerage firms recommendation, educational materials for FOREX market investors, current exchange rates, NBP rates and charts, foreign currency exchange rates live, and rich currency glossary

Real property is one of the most dynamic section of the portal in which investors can find the most recent market information, reports and comments. This section also contains subcategories covering: purchase and sell offers of residential and commercial properties on www.nieruchomosci.inwestycje.pl ; over 4000 house designs on www.projektydomow.inwestycje.pl ; and real properties map on www.mapa.inwestycje.pl which locates all the biggest investments in Poland.

Economy provides rich source of information of Polish and World’s economy, comments on macroeconomic, macroeconomic rates for Poland including GDP, unemployment, inflation, and interest rates. Furthermore, this section includes: economy reports, growth forecasts, and the most recent news concerning finance.

Business section covers wide range of topics and is divided into following categories: fusions and takeovers of the companies, law, media, E-business, and start-up section in which fresh and innovative business ideas, concerning mainly e-business and new technologies, are presented. Moreover, investors can also find here VIP section concerning strategies of the companies with people managing them such as directors and executives, and also a new category – Business Psychology – providing rich source of information, treating about company managing and inside communication, coaching, sells and negotiations. This section is created in co-operation with eminent specialists, psychologists, and business coaches.



Building investments in Poland gathered in one place. The portal’s investment map is a tool that helps to locate and keep track of all investments located in all regions and cities of Poland. Investments in such cities as Warsaw, Gdańsk-Gdynia-Sopot Tricity, Wrocław, Cracow and many other that can be easily found and viewed from the satellite. Moreover, each offer is provided with detailed description, contact information, and photos.


The portal is the place in which users can browse through several thousands of houses designs acknowledged by the architectural studios market. The portal is designed to help users to choose and buy building which will fully satisfy their needs and expectations. The choice can be made out of the rich variety of offers regarding one-storey houses, multi-storey houses, houses with the attic, garages, holiday houses, industrial buildings, and commercial buildings.


The platform contains several hundreds of thousands of offers for lease, sales and purchase of the real estates. The portal provides the vast number of offers from Poland’s and World’s real estate markets, published by real estate agencies, private individuals, investors, developers, and housing co-operatives.


The biggest currency portal in Poland, designed for the currency market investors, and for anyone interested in the most recent information concerning FOREX market. The source of the latest information regarding exchange rates (NBP, ECB), and the ratings of Polish and World’s currency markets, and furthermore, the portal provides professional tools, and the knowledge about the currency markets.


Investment platform is an advanced tool for business communication. The portal focuses on the idea of connecting entrepreneurs with investors who would like to invest in interesting business ventures. Users can find here many offers which might be an inspiration for future investors who are looking for the idea for a lucrative business.


The portal is the source of information from several hundreds of the exchange offices across Poland. Users can present their offers either by publishing brief information about their exchange office including its name and contact information, or by publishing their offers with detailed information and the constant currency exchange rates update.

Fundusze24.pl Wortal Funduszy Inwestycyjnych

Platform which enables every users to check, and exercise their own investing abilities in investing of capital before they start to make their own investing decisions in the real world of investment with market risk, and great opportunities of earning money. The game is the place where players can simulate investments, check investing strategies as well as their investing abilities, and compete with each other.


The integrated, online platform with presentations, offers of the financial products, and services for companies, and individual clients. The platform is an advanced tool which enables users to choose the offer which best satisfies their needs and expectations, in terms of loan, insurance etc.


The place of virtual meetings for the financial market participants, not only for the experienced market players, but also for the beginners in the investment field. Moreover, TwojeFinanse.pl platform provides links to three other portals such as:
oFinansach.pl – forum where users can exchange the knowledge and experience concerning investing of money;
GraFinansowa.pl where users can check their investing abilities by participating in the game in which their task is to predict indices and companies ratings in the Warsaw Stock Exchange, the biggest World’s stock-exchange indices, investment funds and NBP exchange rates;


Business forum where users exchange information, opinions, and experience concerning broadly defined business, and financial markets. The portal fosters establishing of the new business relations, interesting discussions, and furthermore, is the place in which users can present themselves or their company. Content of the forum is divided into 7 large sections concerning: Business, Company, Finance, Services, Offers and Advertisements and After Work category concerning lifestyle.


Forum is a rich source of up-to-date information about regulations of law, jurisdiction, analyses of the latest changes in the Code of Commercial Companies, commentaries on decisions of the NSA – Supreme Administrative Court, Court of Justice of the European Union, arbitration courts and commercial courts of law. Furthermore, the portal contains important free legal documents and forms for download, and also a list of the best law schools, and legal trainings. Users can also find here offers of the most attractive, substantive trainings, and helpful publications. Content of the Forum is categorized into 15 branches of law i.e.: Administrative Law, Copyright Law, Civil Law, European Union Law, Financial Law, Commercial Law, and Internet Law.