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Executive management

Management Board

Anna Sołowska-Łabaz - Chairman of the Management Board
Anna Solowska-Labaz graduated from the University of Wroclaw. She also has a diploma of Internet Marketing at SGH in Warsaw. She gained experience as a PR and Marketing Manager and Director of Marketing and Business Development. From 2007 she is associated with the company Inwestycje.pl SA, previously as Director of Operations. Her main responsibilities include the construction of the Company's revenue side (acquisition advertisers), as well as assessment and development of new marketing possibilities, branding, development strategy and sales plans. In addition, Ms. Anna Solowska-Labaz deals with monitoring and analyzing sales performance in collaboration with other departments of the company.

Supervisory Board

Rafał Tomkowicz - Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Rafal Tomkowicz has been associated with the financial market in Poland from14 years. He held managerial functions in several large financial institutions. He is the author of many publications on retail banking. Initiator and co-founder of the company Sfera Finansów SA, a specialist in personal finances. Organizer and speaker at conferences related to financial topics.


Dariusz Ilski - Member of the Supervisory Board

Dariusz Ilski is a successfull polish entrepreneur who co-founded and then successfully sold to Aviva PLC one of the largest financial intermediation companies in Poland. Beside of developing Auto-Spa he is or was involved as an investors in various companies such as AerFinance PLC, Sprint Air SA, Secus Asset Management S.A. and in Delta Property Sp. z o.o. S.K..

Dariusz graduated at the University of Insurance and Banking of Warsaw and holds an MBA from University of North West in New York. .

Piotr Smagała - Member of the Supervisory Board

Mr. Peter Smagała is a legal advisor,  graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Wroclaw in 1993 with a specialization in the field of European company law. In the years 1993 - 1994 employee of the Office of the Board of KGHM Polish Copper SA Lubin, Department of Supervision. In the years 1994 - 1999 a lawyer at the law firm of International Economic Law Office Co. "IELO" Ltd. located in Wroclaw. In the years 1999 - 2002 roku lawyer at the law firm Beata Gessel and Partners General Partnership, located in Warsaw and Director of it’s Office in Wroclaw. Since 2002 he is running his onw lawyer firm. In 2007-2008, Member of the Supervisory Board of the company ORZEŁ SA - A listed company. The Chairman of the board at O'Brien Properties Ltd. Companies. of o.o., Lower Silesian Development Ltd., Monopol Investment Ltd, Malarska Ltd. and Nova Development Ltd. He specializes in capital market and real estate development and construction issues.

Rafal Blum – Member of the Supervisory Board

He began his professional career in the country's largest pharmaceutical company specializing in the supply of drugs and pharmaceuticals to hospitals, in which over the years gained experience in controlling and finance. In recent years, he participated in creating and building an investment fund operating on the principles of private equity, venture capital, where he was responsible for financial management.

Konrad Piechota – Member of the Supervisory Board

Konrad Piechota is associated with the IT industry since the beginning of his career. Business administration graduate, currently a Ph.D. in management at the University of Economics in Wroclaw. He started his own interactive agency, then worked as a specialist in e-commerce company Ubezpieczeniaonline.pl, currently Chairman of the Board and shareholder of this company. Creator of many projects in the field of e-commerce.