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Inwestycje.pl Inc. was founded in 2004 as a financial media company. The company is the owner and the publisher of the Inwestycje.pl media group. Portals of the company are Poland’s leaders in such segments as Law, Finance and Business.

Inwestycje.pl Inc. is traded on Warsaw Stock Exchange - New Connect market.

Our portals are visited by over 900.000 each month producing 6 million page views (Gemius Traffic). The company runs several financial and business portals including:  Inwestycje.pl, Waluty.com, Kantory.pl , Fundusze24.pl , Investing.pl , Pasaz-finansowy.pl , Twojefinanse.pl , Ofinansach.pl , Grafinansowa.pl , Twojbiznes.pl , Forum-prawne.pl .

Inwestycje.pl Inc. was on the 7th place in the 10th edition of Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe ranking, and is the only Polish company which was in the first ten of Rising Stars 2009 ranking, with the growth rate of 612%.